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Zar Marketing’s baseball themed exhibit at IRCE hits a home run for OSM Worldwide.

As a global leader in ecommerce package delivery, OSM Worldwide was a high profile exhibitor at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition held last week in Chicago. For the second year, Zar Marketing, partnering with DesignDesign Communications, worked with OSM to develop a marketing theme and a companion 10’ x 30’ exhibit plus an attraction to drive traffic to their booth at IRCE.

After weeks of kicking around different ideas to support the client’s messaging, we zeroed in on a fun and timely baseball theme to build on the passion for springtime baseball and the fact that Chicago is the home of two major teams.

To that end, we developed the theme, “Touching all the bases for ecommerce delivery” and a theme logo with a baseball motif. To further support the theme, we created a name and logo to give life to an imaginary OSM baseball team, “The Shippers.” This team and theme logos were featured on the exhibit, in our pre-show emailer and were embroidered on custom baseball jerseys designed for OSM. We also produced a baseball themed power point presentation, which ran continuously on OSM’s “Jumbotron” over “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” organ music.

The highlight of the OSM exhibit undoubtedly were two vintage Chicago Cubs branded pinball machines from the ‘80s, which were in constant play and enjoyed by everyone.

Further building on the theme we also designed a baseball shaped sticker with our theme, which was applied to boxes of Crackers Jacks and OSM brochures.

The physical exhibit we designed for OSM consisted of a 30’ wide printed fabric backwall with graphics depicting a major league baseball field and large “Welcome to OSM Worldwide Field” header with our theme line. In addition to our grass-like floor covering and a branded reception counter, we disguised the storage closet with locker room graphics and our theme logos.

In the end, IRCE was a successful show for our valued client, OSM, and they were very pleased with our theme and designs.

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